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Welcome to Reception!

Teacher: Mrs. A Wadley

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Caton and Mrs. Owen


Hello Reception children and families!

      Welcome to our class page. 

 Here you will find information about what we are learning about this year.


The children have settled into school so well; making new friends, adjusting to new routines, and learning new things along the way! 

I will regularly update this page with information on routines, resources and ideas for you to help your child at home and also with what we have been learning in the classroom!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me using the following email address:


Mrs. Wadley

 15th October 2021

This week we have been learning about our senses. We listened to the story 'Peace at Last' and discussed all the sounds Mr. Bear heard. Were they loud or quiet sounds? Then we thought about what sounds we might hear outside. We used our listening ears on our first welly walk! The children listened very carefully to the sounds we could hear - we were surprised to hear birds flapping their wings and the wind! We have also used our sense of smell to try and guess some hidden smells - it was quite tricky! Lots of the children didn't like smelling vinegar but they loved smelling chocolate! 


In phonics, we have now learned s a t p i n m d and g and continued with blending and segmenting cvc words. The link below has some suggestions for phonics games to play at home and I have also uploaded a short video to help the children with how each sound should be pronounced for when you are practicing at home.


Maths has been full of pattern making this week. We have been learning how to make repeating patterns using colours, shapes and even actions!


Another super week - well done children!

Travelling Tuesday!

Today we had our first travelling Tuesday! We got in our 'cars' and travelled all the way to England! We found England on a map of the world and saw how small it is compared to lots of other countries. Then we found out that it is the biggest country in the United Kingdom! We learned that the capital city is London and that is where the Queen lives. Lots of us have been to London! We looked at the shapes and colours on the flag and even watched a video all about Stone Henge. We had lots of fun trying to make our own Stone Henge, deciding on what we could use to make a flag and tried a cream tea - that got a big thumbs up!

Where we will travel to next month?

1st October 2021

Our story of the week was 'Once there were Giants'. A lovely story which helped with our discussion on how we have changed. We asked the questions  - what could we do as a baby? What can we do now? The children came up with some super answers! 


We are doing daily phonics sessions and have learned the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n. We have been playing lots of games and practicing blending these sounds together to read some words e.g at, in, sat, tap. I will upload some ideas for games for you to play at home to help your child with this.


In Maths we have been matching and sorting. The children have been looking at a group of objects and thinking about how we could sort them into 2 or 3 groups. They suggested by colour, size and shape. Well done children!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs. Wadley




24th September 2021

The children have had another jam packed and fun week of school! They have all shared with the class their family photos - thank you for sending them in. There was lots of confident speaking and wonderful listening - well done children!


Now the children have settled, I have put together a video presentation for you to find out a little bit more about the Reception year. Please see the link below. The additional links below are mentioned in the video so please do have a listen.

Reception Long Term Plan

Reception Class Important Information!

Our First Week at School!

We have had so much fun making new friends and exploring all the exciting things in the classroom. Look at the photos below to see what we have been doing.

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