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Year 2



It is nearly the end of our first half term and we cannot believe how quickly it has gone. The children have been fantastic and have settled really well into their Year 2 class. The children have already learnt so much and have worked extremely hard. We are very pleased and proud of the work they have done for us so far.

We hope you all have a well earned rest next week and we look forward to another half term filled with many exciting new things to learn and do.



We can be contacted by email at if you have any queries or wish to get in touch with us.



Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cobos.


Year 2 routines and information

Our Animal Day


We had a brilliant day on Friday with all the children dressing up as animals as part of our Animal Day, the children all looked fantastic.

We started our day by creating new animals. Each child in their groups took a different part of the animal and without being seen by the others drew that part. The children then came back to put it together and create their new animal. They then had to decide what to call it, the habitat it would live in, the food it would eat and any other features that it had to help it survive. There was lots of super discussion about their animal which they then shared with the class.

The children then learnt about food chains and we used the animals that they had come dressed up in to create the chains. This led to a lot of discussion about which animals could be found in the same habitats as well as there being different varieties of the same animal such as lions found in the Savannah and those in the mountains. The children also created their own bug hotels and then we finished our day with fun animal songs.

The children learnt so much about animals and enjoyed doing it a fun and creative way.

Well done Year 2!


Great Fire of London activity morning.

We had a FANTASTIC morning with Professor Tuesday who came into school to help us learn more about our history topic. 

We began by performing actions to sequence the events. All the children enjoyed taking on the role of baker, rower, King Charles and Samuel Pepys.

Next, we recreated the scene in London and we each placed a house/building close by the River Thames.

The children worked in pairs to retell the Great Fire of London story and finally we worked in teams to put the fire out using leather buckets.

I was impressed with the children's knowledge and understanding of the topic covered so far. They had remembered so many facts, which showed when they answered questions today.

Well done everyone-you were superstar historians!

The Great Fire of London



In our PSHE lessons we have been thinking about how to be a good friend and how to recognise, and ask for help, when feeling lonely or unhappy.


We shared the story "What friends do best" and acted out parts of the story, thinking about how the characters felt and helped each other.

Year 2 Curriculum Overview 2021

Autumn Term topic page

Bear Group's Spellings - Week 6

Fox Group's Spellings - Week 6


If your child is finding learning their spellings a challenge we have put on some ideas for games and activities that you can do with them. Although the list of words and examples show the Bear Group's spellings from last week you can use the same ideas but just using other words that your child is learning to spell.

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