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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's Class Page.

Teachers-Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cobos.

Teaching Assistants-Mrs McGarvey & Mrs Milne.

Mrs Harrison teaches the class on a Monday,Tuesday & alternate Wednesday mornings.

Mrs Cobos teaches on alternate Wednesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday and Friday.


Hi everyone!

We're now in our 4th week of online lessons and this week we're adding a couple of videos so you'll get to see your teachers! Literacy and numeracy lessons will continue in the same format but we will share some other activities with you. We hope you enjoy hearing from us!


Remember there are two literacy and numeracy tasks each day.

Literacy and numeracy 2 are available if you are  struggling with

literacy and numeracy 1. 


We can be contacted by email at if you have any queries about the home learning. Please feel free to email us with finished work that you have completed-this does not have to be every single piece of work. 

Happy learning!

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cobos.


Thursday 28th January

Good morning everyone.

Well done to all of you who are working so hard on your lessons and activities at home. We hope you enjoyed the story time yesterday and we are already looking forward to sharing another book with you next week.

For the literacy 1 task today you will look at how a writer uses description in their writing ready to use your own description tomorrow and the literacy 2 task will enable you to write about the hat maker losing his hats to the monkeys.

We know some of you have already spotted habitats when you have been out and about after the science lesson last week. Today you will be looking at microhabitats, learning what they are and where you can find them.


Topic lessons - Science and PSHE

Wednesday 27th January

Good morning!

In the literacy 1 lesson today you will be describing using your senses whilst in the literacy 2 lesson you will be exploring the main character´s feelings. In numeracy you will continue your lessons on shape and patterns. Your topic lesson today is geography and you will be looking at the importance of the oceans in our lives.

We hope you enjoy all the activities set for today and look forward to seeing the work you are producing. Keep up the good work.

Topic lessons - Geography and PE

Storytime with Mrs Cobos

Tuesday 26th January

Good morning everyone! It was lovely to see all your Matisse fact files on Purplemash. We enjoyed reading them all. Lots of you had remembered important information about the artist so we were very pleased. Good researching skills and sentence work. Keep it up!

Have fun completing more Purplemash work, set as a To do task for computing today.

Literacy and Numeracy tasks 26th January.

Phonics-open to see all 3 phonics groups.

Monday 25th January

Hi Year 2.

Welcome to a new week and lots of new learning!

Enjoy and work hard at home!

Monday 25th January


Click on the Word document below and then click on the link. Following on from last week’s task on Matisse I would like you to create a fact file about him using the template. This is set as a To Do task for you on Purple mash. 


Mrs Milne’s PHONICS group-Click on the YOU TUBE link below to practise words ending in –lk.

Phase 4 Phonics for Kids #11 'lk'

Learn Phase 4 phonics at home with this brand new series of lessons from Leanne and Felix! Today's lesson is all about the 'lk' sound! Check out the link bel...

Mrs McGarvey’s PHONICS group- Click on the link below to practise ie words.

Phase 5 Phonics for Kids #3 'ie'

Join with Felix and learn phase 5 phonics at home with this brand new series of phonics lessons! Today's lesson is all about the 'ie' sound! Check out the li...

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cobos’ PHONICS group. Click on the PPT (image below)to practise words containing  j spelt g and j before a/o/u, then have a go at the word search below (open PDF).

Curriculum plan for 2020-21

Spring Term Plans for Explorers

Autumn Term Plans for Fighting Fit



The children are extremely pleased with their finished textile pieces. They have worked very hard to create a background and then choose a theme as a basis of their work. Their cutting and arranging skills can be seen in the photos above. Some children had a go at sewing buttons and fabric onto theirs too. They have thought about layering the fabric to create a 3D effect. From jungle scenes to beaches, they all look amazing. Well done year 2!! 

Christmas party day!

Happy Hallowe'en- our amazing costumes and decorated pumpkins!

Year 2 have loved working the Beebots! They have acquired many new skills, whilst having lots of fun in the process too! They have found out how -

To use the appropriate keys to make the Beebot go forward, backward, left and right by using instructions such as F1, right turn (quarter turn right).

To record an algorithm from one marked point on a map to another.

To use the terms input, run, algorithm and debug.


SCIENCE-What does a baby need? Sorting activity in groups.

SCIENCE-Our hands investigation-what did we find out?

ART TEXTILES-learning how to sew buttons and beads onto fabric.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed this unit of work. They have prepared and made salads. They have found out about The Eatwell Plate and the importance of eating a variety of fruit and vegetables. The highlight for most children has been making their own fruit smoothie or fruit salad.

Hopefully, the children will continue to enjoy eating fruit and vegetables!

Please find lots of photos which show the children learning new skills and having fun!

Making tuna pasta salad

RE Making a collage all about the Creation.

Science-sorting food into groups

Science-how far does a sneeze travel?

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