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Primary School

Year 2


Teachers - Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cobos.

Teaching Assistants - Mrs McGarvey and Mrs Ledgar


 We will regularly update our web page and show you what your children have been up to, so please keep checking the page. 


Our PE days will be Wednesdays and Thursdays. On these days the children come to school in their PE kits ready for their lessons.


If you have any queries or wish to get in touch with us we can be contacted by email at


Mrs Harrison and Mrs Cobos.










Being a scientist


Today we have been learning about the science equipment that we are going to be using in our science investigations in the next few weeks. First we discussed the names of the different pieces of equipment and what they were used for. Then we played a riddle game where we took it turns to decide which piece of equipment was being described and then we practiced using the equipment and measuring correctly. All the children enjoyed using the equipment and they are looking forward to investigating their own questions that they came up with last week.

Learning about the science equipment.


A BIG thank you to Samuel's mum for coming to talk to us about Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed listening to Mrs Lin talk about celebrations and festivities. They got to use chopsticks to pick up a fortune cookie and enjoyed finding out how this special time of year is celebrated.


As part of our science topic this half term on animal growth and life cycles, Jake's new baby brother Elliott came to visit us. He was extremely well behaved and did not mind at all being passed around and having a cuddle with those children who wanted to. The children had all prepared questions, which they asked Jake's mum, and we gathered a lot of information about what is needed to look after a baby and the differences between a baby and themselves now. A huge thank you to Jake's mum and Elliott!

Sir Tom Finney

After our stadium trip we were lucky to listen to guest speakers in class. We welcomed Eric Jones, one of the oldest players to have played football with Tom Finney and Tom Roe who worked alongside him.

They brought in many interesting artefacts, including a replica pair of boots that Sir Tom Finney wore, a football shirt and a championship trophy.

All the children enjoyed asking questions about Sir Tom Finney and finding out answers too.

Sir Tom Finney-guest speakers in class.

PNE trip.

We had a fantastic trip to the PNE stadium. The children loved seeing the famous SPLASH statue and the photos of Sir Tom Finney. We even got to visit the changing rooms! They were all  sensible and well behaved throughout the guided tour. They asked many questions and the visit today resulted in valuable learning at the end of our History topic.



Our current unit of work is based on making up a playground game which can be shared and played with Reception children. This week the children have thought of ideas for a new game which they have planned themselves, shared with the rest of the class and they will be writing their own set of instructions to go with it.



Art TEXTILES: Landscapes


We were very lucky today as we avoided the rain! The children all enjoyed hunting for physical and human features around Cottam. Everyone was sensible and well behaved throughout our trip-well done everyone! Please look at the photos below.

Geography-field trip around Cottam.

GEOGRAPHY work-finding places on a map of Cottam

Fabulous art work

The children are currently studying a TEXTILES unit of art and have been looking at the work of a local textile artist Lindsay Tyson. Today they chose some of her art creations and tried to recreate the image. I think you'll agree what a close match to the original image they are!

Kongfu classes

The children are currently taking part in weekly Kongfu classes on a Wednesday afternoon. Take a look at the photographs below to see all the children in action! As you will be able to see, they are all enjoying learning this Chinese martial art from the teacher Mr Faxiang Fan.

Spelling tests

A list of 5 spellings will be put on SEESAW on a Tuesday evening.

The test will take place every Tuesday.

Please ask your child to have a go at putting these words into sentences too.

There are games and tips to help your child learn their spellings below.

Thank you.

Autumn Term Overview



When the children read to an adult in school we place importance on questioning what has been read. The questions are based on inference, retrieval, sequence, vocabulary and prediction.

It would be helpful and valuable if you could also question your child at home, whilst they are reading.

Please find a copy of each of the set of questions below.

Thank you for your support.

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