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Year 3

Good morning Year 3blush. Hope you are all well. Well done for all your home learning so far. You are doing a great jobyes

Today we are going to have Maths, English, Computing and P.E.




Today we are going to do some more Coding activities on Purple Mash. If you don’t have the login details for Purple Mash, please email us on

Log on to Purple Mash and see the 2Dos which have been set for you. 

In ‘Magician’ you will use coding to make a magician do some magic tricks with a rabbit.

In ‘Jumping Monkey’ you will use coding to make a monkey jump up, land and eat a banana.

Remember to watch and listen to the instructions first. If you need extra help, please do feel free to click on the Hint as there are some tricky parts today.



Take part in a Joe Wicks workout


Try a Just Dance video.

Wednesday 27th January.

Good morning children. laugh

We are half way through the week already. 

We hope that you are taking time to relax and doing something that you really enjoy alongside your home learning.

I had the pleasure of teaching Mrs Adewele's music lesson in school yesterday. We had so much fun listening to the famous music of Bach and learning about different notes. We also danced to the video links Mrs Adewale had given us.laugh A great informative and fun lesson ! I hope that you also enjoyed it. smiley

Enjoy your day and work hard.

Mrs Hill and I are very proud of all your efforts. yessmiley



Art – log onto Purple Mash and complete the task on Ancient Egypt.

PE – Cosmic Yoga  - Harry Potter -see link.


Tuesday 26th January

Good morning children. We hope that you all managed to have some fun in the snow yesterday. smiley

Here is your work for today.



Music with Mrs Adewale

Use this afternoon’s last session to :

  • Practise your spellings (20 mins)
  • Top Marks website to practise your times tables (20 mins)
  • Read to an adult or read on your own quietly (20 mins)

Have a great day and try your best ! smileyyes


Monday 25th January

Good morning Year 3 ! smiley

 I hope you enjoyed my message to you all. smiley

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend with your families and enjoyed the snow.

Here is your work for today.



History - follow the power point. 

RE - follow the power point.

I have also added new spellings for this week to learn for a test on Friday either at home or in school.

Keep reading and practising your times tables too.

Enjoy your day.yes


A hello from Mrs Sanders !!

Still image for this video
RE lesson 
History lesson 

Hello Year 3 children and parents,


We will begin our online home learning from Wednesday 6th January so here is some guidance as to what you will be doing on line and how to complete your daily activities.


Every day we will upload a Maths and an English lesson for your child to complete. It is very important that the children complete the lessons every day as each day the lessons follow on from the previous lesson.


If your child is finding the activities challenging then use the alternative link provided which is Activity 2 in both Maths and English.


Children who are attending school will be completing the same activities as children who are learning from home so if your child is going to attend school later in the week, they will benefit from completing the online learning at the beginning of the week so they understand the activities when they come into school.


In addition to daily Maths and English lessons, there will be some extra activities to complete. These will vary throughout the week. For example, your child might be asked to complete a Joe Wicks workout or Yoga for PE or a music lesson in addition to some topic work.


We will use the Purple Mash website which the children can access with their own log in. If you need the log in please email school on the Year 3 homework email.

Some French activities maybe planned where the children can use the Linguascope website. If you need the password please email school using the Year 3 homework email address. (


Weekly spellings will be uploaded on a Monday morning and you can test your child on a Friday. Please continue with learning times tables. Your child has a target times table that they are currently learning but please recap and revise previous tables learned.


Please hear your child read every day for 15 minutes. It can be any book, comic, newspaper or anything that interests them. Remember to discuss together anything you have read.


We understand that this way of teaching and learning is very different and not easy for parents and children so if you feel that you cannot complete all the work each day just aim to complete the Maths and English activities and suggestions.  The most important thing is to stay safe and be happy. 


We hope that you are all OK and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


Mrs Sanders, Mrs Hill and Mrs Misell.smileyheart



D.T project - Textiles. 

All the children have now completed their D.T project and have made a Christmas stocking.

They have all worked so hard on their sewing and design skills and they look very festive. 



Year 3 Christmas sewing

Investigating the human skeleton in Science

Enjoying our delicious Christmas dinner

Black History

This week the children have been learning about Rosa Parks and her life.

She was an important Black History figure in 1950's America.

Rosa refused to give up her seat on a bus to a White person.

Her actions resulted in the  Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955 and it was the start of a long process to end the segregation of Black and White people and improve the civil rights of Black African Americans.

Halloween - You all looked fantastic in your halloween outfits.

Art and Design - Collage skills.

Harvest 2020

Hello and welcome to Year 3!


It is wonderful to have the children back in school and the Year 3 children are settling into Key Stage 2 brilliantly. What a great start.  Well done Year 3.

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