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Year 3

Calendars for 2023

Here are the calendars we have made. 

Happy New Year everyone!


Still image for this video

Festive fun and Christmas dinner

Brilliant Bridges

In our DT work we have been building bridges. The children have used design features from 3 different types of bridges to create their own design. We have investigated Beam, Suspension and Arch bridges and have included features such as decks , piles, pile bases, hangers, cables , towers and arches. They are brilliant.  

Our Autumn 2 curriculum 



Art and Design




Narrative- Fables


Persuasive writing   letters

Rocks and Soils

Digital media – creating a bridge image

Islam – Why is the prophet Muhammad an example for Muslims?

Net and Wall skills - Tennis



No DT this half term







Multiplication and Division

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Safe relationships and Respecting ourselves

Mon corps – my body

E safety and presenting using a power point.


Times Tables Rock stars.

Nightly reading.

Black History Month 

This week the children in Year 3 have been learning about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. The boycott helped initiate the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Rosa refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955. Her actions inspired the leaders of the local Black community to organise the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


The children have also learned about another bus boycott that happened in this country in Bristol in 1963. Racial discrimination was legal in Britain right up to the late 1960s. The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 was the nation’s first black-led campaign against it. It marked a new chapter in the struggle for racial equality in Bristol and the UK and led to the Race Relations Acts of 1965 and 1968. Two men, Paul Stephenson and Roy Hackett organised the peaceful but powerful boycott after a man called Guy Reid-Bailey  went for an interview with the Bristol Omnibus Bus company but was turned away because he was a Black Jamaican. They were inspired by the actions of Rosa Parks 8 years earlier. 

Rosa Parks 

Guy Reid-Bailey 

Paul Stephenson 

Roy Hackett 

Welcome to Year 3 and brand new school year ! smiley

We have lots of new , exciting topics planned for this year and below is some information about what we will be learning in Year 3 this Autumn Half term.

Please remember to arrive at school on time as school starts promptly at 8:50am. Our doors open at 8:40am.

Our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays so children can come to school ready in their PE kits on those days. 

We cannot wait to have all the children back into school and we look forward to meeting you all. 

Welcome back ! 

Mrs Sanders and Mrs Hill and Mrs Milne and Mrs Kaur. 


Autumn 1


Below are some strategies for learning weekly spellings. 

By the end of Year 3, children also need to be able to read, spell and understand the meaning of the words from the Year 3 Statutory word list. smiley

No Nonsense Spellings strategies to support learning.

Year 3 Statutory word list.

Reading in Year 3 

Thank you for all your hard work reading with your child in Year 2.smiley

As children move into the Juniors and into Year 3 it is ever more important that they continue to read often and with an adult. As part of our homework policy we expect children to be reading regularly at home. If you have any questions on how best to support your child with home reading please come and see us. smiley

Below is a link to a website that recommends age appropriate books for Year 3 children. 

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