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Year 4

Year 4 2021-2022

No Nonsense Spelling Strategies

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Food Tasting

The children enjoyed testing their taste-buds on a variety of pastry filled delights.  There were some interesting faces!  On the whole, they enjoyed the variety, but beef and vegetable pasties came out as our class favourite.

A Merry Christmas Performance

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Enjoy the start of your fabulous festivities with this classic Christmas song played by Y4 and accompanied by Mrs Adewale.

Our Finished Pneumatic Toys

Design Technology: Pneumatics

We've been having great fun starting our DT topic about the power of air.  We learned that air was strong enough to lift books, open boxes and even power monster mouths! 

Look out for own creations in the next few weeks.

Science: Sound

We have been finding out how sounds travel by exploring different materials and different ways of making sounds.

Music: Playing Instruments

Here we all are playing various instruments - aren't we good?!  Well done Mrs Adewale and, of course, the children.

Just wait for our Christmas video upload!!


Playing our Instruments

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Ju Jitsu

Lots of our class now join in with weekly Ju Jitsu sessions after the teachers came to visit us and let us have a go.  Only in club I must add!

Ju Jitsu Taster Session

Roman Soldiers

We've been learning all about the Roman Army - the equipment they needed and how they organised their troops.  We even got to try on a replica helmet.  It was very heavy!

Dancing Raisins Science Observation

Year 4 had great fun figuring out what made our raisins dance!  We tried really hard to use our science vocabulary.

Roman Art - Mosaics


Take a look at our starting session where we became archaeologists as well as artists.  Having worked together to excavate some examples of Roman mosaics, we also uncovered some clay tiles to create our own pictures with.

Meet the Teacher - Welcome to Year 4

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My first Loom video - be kind to me!!

Welcome to Year 4.


We are already getting down to our work and enjoying our English based around the Loch Ness Monster.  Some of the children would like to look at the live feed from the loch - Nessie on the Net! - which can be found at  



Our PE sessions are on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  This half term covers the invasion games of netball and rugby.  The children are more than welcome to wear trainers for this.


I've uploaded a document giving an outline of what we will be doing in some of our subjects for the half term.  Please look for it below.



from Mrs Aspinall and Mrs Misell.

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