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Year 4

Year 4 2021-2022

HOMEWORK - due Thursday 21st October

Reading - the children should read each night to an adult.  It would be appreciated if this was also discussed for example new vocabulary, predict what might happen next, why did a character react that way? etc.

Spellings - this week we have simply practised some of the year's statutory spellings, so I have chosen some more that link to our science topic.  It is best to do look at them regularly through the week for five or ten  minutes, which the children can do in their  big spelling books at home. I've also uploaded some spelling strategies that we have used in class and a little quiz to Purple Mash.

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Times Tables - this week the children will need to practise their 3 times tables again for homework.  I would like them to see if they can earn some new rewards on the website:  The children could also look again at the four times tables as we will be recapping this next week before learning our 6 and 8 times tables after the half term.  They have a login for the site in the front of their reading records if they have forgotten it.   

We will be starting with Times Tables Rock Stars after half term.

No Nonsense Spelling Strategies

An overview of our learning for this half term.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Roman Soldiers

We've been learning all about the Roman Army - the equipment they needed and how they organised their troops.  We even got to try on a replica helmet.  It was very heavy!

Dancing Raisins Science Observation

Year 4 had great fun figuring out what made our raisins dance!  We tried really hard to use our science vocabulary.

Roman Art - Mosaics


Take a look at our starting session where we became archaeologists as well as artists.  Having worked together to excavate some examples of Roman mosaics, we also uncovered some clay tiles to create our own pictures with.

Meet the Teacher - Welcome to Year 4

Still image for this video
My first Loom video - be kind to me!!

Welcome to Year 4.


We are already getting down to our work and enjoying our English based around the Loch Ness Monster.  Some of the children would like to look at the live feed from the loch - Nessie on the Net! - which can be found at  



Our PE sessions are on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  This half term covers the invasion games of netball and rugby.  The children are more than welcome to wear trainers for this.


I've uploaded a document giving an outline of what we will be doing in some of our subjects for the half term.  Please look for it below.



from Mrs Aspinall and Mrs Misell.

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