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Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Teacher - Miss Grieve 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Davidson 


PE - Monday - Miss Grieve 

          Tuesday - Team Theme 

  Music - Tuesday with Mrs Adewale 


Homework and spellings due each Monday


To finish our topic on Ancient Greek we had a Greek themed day in class. 

When we arrived to class we each had a toga that we had to help each other put on. We then had to create our own olive leaf crown. We used the Greek alphabet to write our names.

During our topic we had read a historical novel called The Discus Thrower. It included the goddess Athena and referred to her symbol the owl. We created our own owl models using clay. 

In the afternoon, we had our own mini Olympics, tasted some Greek food and created our own shields. 

Christmas Lunch

Design & Technology - Scones

As part of our food topic in Design and Technology we have planned and created our own scones. 

Firstly, we tasted a plain scone. We tried to guess the ingredients and the process of how it would be made. A lot of us thought that it would be like making a cake or bread. 


We discussed what we thought could be added to the scone mixture in order to improve it. There were many suggestions, both sweet and savoury. Some of the suggestions were chocolate chips, a range of different chocolate bars, raisins, cranberries, lemon curd, cheese and even olives!


We followed the recipe, adding our own additions and we all agreed that the end result was delicious!

Black History Week

This children have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr and the impact he made on the Black Civil Rights Movement. 

The children looked at key events in his life, they created a fact file and after being inspired by watching his famous "I have a dream" speech they wrote their own dreams for the future. 

In Science we are looking at properties of materials. We tested the absorbency of nappies. 

Find some instructions on how we carried out our investigation below. 


Ancient Greek Pottery

In Art, we have been researching Ancient Greek pottery. We have studied a range of artefacts and discussed their importance - they showed us what life was like in Ancient Greece.

We used Modrock to create our own plates. We then painted a detailed design on them using inspiration from the artefacts we studied. 

Please find attached our homework grid for this half term. We are back to using the grids we previously used. Homework can be completed in homework books, on the computer or physically made if it is a crafty activity. 

Homework done on the computer can be emailed to

During the Autumn term, Year 5 will be learning about Ancient Greece. Take a look at what we will be learning....

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