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Art & Design

"Every child is an artist." Pablo Picasso.

Art– Intent, Implementation, and Impact.

At Cottam Primary School, we value the importance of Art. We have designed a curriculum for art with the intent that our children will, from the early years, develop a sense of creativity, self-expression, excellence and high attainment.   

The aim of our art curriculum is to ensure that children’s own experiences will result in them being able to use the visual elements of art confidently, in their own work. We also expect children to be able to look at an image or a piece of art and to have an understanding of it, not just react to it. It is our intent to provide all children with the fundamental skills, techniques and knowledge needed to independently to create their own unique drawings, paintings, sculptures, and crafts. We equip them with the skills required to learn about the language of art and design. This enables them to describe what they see in detail and to provide evidence for their observations.


We give the children the time and space to explore new themes, new sensations, and ways to be creative without the need to be perfect. At Cottam, we believe that the process takes precedence over the product. We want our children to see the enjoyment and satisfaction in the process of producing art. It is through the children’s personalised experience of art at Cottam, that we enable the children to feel safe, secure, and happy, to produce their most creative work.


You can find the full INTENT, IMPLEMENTATION & IMPACT document below. 

Art Intent, Implementation & Impact at Cottam Primary School

Open up the document below to look at our Art curriculum and progression map for KS 1 and 2.

Art Whole School Curriculum Map

Open up the PDF document to find out about how EYFS learn ART through their curriculum map.

Please find the Art policy below.

Art Policy at Cottam Primary School

Year 1 Collage unit linked to dragons.

Year 5 Collage-Anglo-Saxons

Year 3 Digital media-bridges

Year 2 AUTUMN 2022 Textiles: landscapes.

EYFS Art-inspiration from the Dutch artist Mondrian.

Year 4 DRAWING Unit

Year 6 Printing

Artists and Landscape work.

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