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History at Cottam

"History not only reveals the past, but it also helps us create a better future."


"The duty we owe to history is to rewrite it"


"We can’t change history. We don’t want to change history. We can only change the future."


History is such an exciting and engaging subject where we can learn all about what has gone before and how this has impacted on the present and how it will continue to do so for the future.

At Cottam our aim is to deliver a broad and varied history curriculum with learning that makes meaningful links to our Cottam community and beyond.

Our scheme of work encompasses statutory areas of learning along with local history learning to engage and create meaningful understanding for our pupils.

We have 3 over-arching concepts that are threaded through our topics. These are Religion, Invasion and Victorian Life.  

These concepts have been carefully chosen to ensure that knowledge is revisited and built upon so that children can make meaningful connections with their prior learning and build on what they already know.

Cottam History whole school curriculum map.

Black History Month

The theme for this year is Time for Change : Action not Words

This year we will once again be learning about significant individuals past and present,  who because of their actions, have inspired and overcome to bring about change and reform.

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