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Reading at Cottam Primary

We use a variety of reading schemes to ensure breadth and depth in the early stages of reading.  These texts are all decodable by the children at their reading level.  Our schemes include The Oxford Reading Tree, Collins and Heinemann before a wide range of popular fiction is available for fluent readers. Our children are informally assessed on a regular basis to ensure that they are reading at the right level. They should be able to read the levelled books sent home to an adult with confidence and should be able to discuss the content of the book, making predictions, discussing characters and asking questions about what they have read.

Books of a higher level are used within Guided Reading sessions in school to teach specific reading skills. It is important that our children have exposure to a wide variety of genres so our reading texts are supplemented by a selection of other reading material including poems, non-fiction texts and extracts.

All classes have a weekly trip to the school library where they are encouraged to choose from a wide selection of books for topics, authors and genres that interest them.  These books are intended to be shared with others in order to encourage our children to develop a love of reading and a curiosity in the world around them. 

In class, our children regularly use dictionaries, thesauruses and a wide range of information books, both as hard copies and online, throughout the curriculum subjects and increasingly as they progress through school.

In addition to this stories, non-fiction and poetry are regularly read to the children.

Reading at Home

Take a few moments to flick through our guidance for supporting our KS2 children with their reading at home.

Follow these links to find useful information on encouraging children to read, supporting home learning and some of the best reads for different age groups.


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